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FEASTING TUESDAY #23: Those Who Dream

We are so thrilled to share with y'all the good news from this week's scans. We explain at length in the video we made, and share some other cool stories. The bottom line is that Cade's four new lung nodules we saw on the scans in August were completely gone- and based on some new findings our oncologist feels confident it is the result of an infection and not the disease. We are not doing surgery, we are done with chemo, and CADE IS GOING TO SCHOOL!

We will re-scan in three months to check on the scar tissue to make sure it is not growing, and to monitor him. We are so thankful to have this break, and we are hoping you fully celebrate with us. Our minds are still pretty blown- we had an emotional whiplash of a week last week, and I am personally still very much processing and absorbing what all of this means. In essence, I feel like I am emerging from hiding with my family, and it is amazing how many new decisions need to be made.

But this is what relationship with Jesus is all about, walking out the new seasons and the old seasons hand in hand. I personally feel more afraid of freedom than of the past few months, because it feels terrifying to trust it. But that's where a trust adjustment comes- I am trusting Jesus to be with us now, and to be with us in a year, and five years, etc.

Thank you for praying for us and with our family, and for fasting with us in whatever capacity for the past 23 weeks. What a ride! We will probably be back on the blog periodically over the next few months to post updates of Cade, and certainly to recruit prayer backing for our scans ahead.

As for fasting on Tuesdays, Chad and I just haven't even had time to ask God what we do with it. We have LOVED the rhythm of it, loved the discipline, loved the chance to really demonstrate on such a very small scale to God that He is worth our hunger and our discomfort, even if for a day. Thank you for joining us in it, and I hope we all continue to find a way to cultivate hunger for the Lord, and persistence in prayer. You all have been champions for our hearts. THANK YOU!!

I have been returning to John 11 the past few weeks, to remember the story and the verse that I now consider "Cade's",

"Did I not tell you that if you would believe, you would see the glory of God?"

He certainly has displayed Himself to be a faithful, patient, loving Friend and Father.


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