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Fasting Tuesday Week #17: Fully Present

We wrapped up Cade's last five day Friday, and he got to play with his sisters all weekend and do lots of normal things. Monday morning hit, and so did the wave of chemo. He spent most of the day sleeping and getting sick, but still was his very pleasant precious little self.

We are praying that he will be able to get transfusions this week outpatient so we can avoid an inpatient stay, but we clearly want whatever is best and safest for Cade. 
Please pray that these chemos effectively knock out any remaining cancer cell and memory of the cells in his lungs, and that his little body obeys God's voice and command for LIGHT in his inmost being. 
Please pray for our family to continue to trust God, and not give our minds permission to think or worry about things over which we have no control. I read a quote yesterday by Billy Graham I thought was worth sharing: "This should be the motto of every follower of Jesus Christ. No matter how dark and hopeless a situation might seem,…

Fasting Tuesday Week #16: Strength for Today, Bright Hope for Tomorrow

Cade finished his first day today of his last 5 day chemo in this protocol. My mom is here taking care of the girls in the morning, and like everyone else we are back in the swing of the school year. Eden told me today was "real school", as opposed to last week's fake school.

Our scans last Monday led us into a very tumultuous week of waiting, but looking back I am extremely thankful for the delay. It meant when we did get the phone call, Eden was back in school, and our hearts were prepared.

We explain in the video in more detail, but the bottom line is that they saw four new small nodules in Cade's lungs that they assume are tumor. There will be no certainty until they can surgically removed and put under a microscope.

We are praying that by the end of the next six weeks, these nodules have completely disappeared. And if they haven't, that upon resection they show only dead cells. 

On Wednesday, our oncologist meets with the solid tumor team and will present Cad…

Fasting Week #15: He's in the Waiting

Week 30 is upon us, and scans were yesterday. Cade was relaxed during the actual scans, but that was only after he had gave the technician a real show when she was trying to put an IV in his arm.

We haven't heard results yet but we do anticipate news today sometime. The waiting is never my best moment. As Chad and I both said in the video, we vacillate between different extremes all throughout the day. This morning we spent a minute processing that together. It is really precious to work out this stuff alongside my best friend. He is a great man, and thinks very differently than I do so it is helpful in circumstances like this to compare notes.

I can write a post like last week, asking for my stuff back with the Lord, totally confident He loves me and He's a good Father and wants his kids to be repaid for all of their trouble, and simultaneously I can also realize there are many who never get their stuff back on this side of life. They die without ever seeing the recompense. I…

Fasting Tuesday Week #14: A Miracle Working God

We rolled into tonight's video exhausted in the best way. Eden turned 8 today and we had a party for her complete with Cade in the water, swimming like a little bald fish. I think we've been in the midst of a miracle for about a week now, and while at first I was wary of trusting it, I can now confidently say Cade's response to this past week was amazing. He did NOT get sick, he did not get sores, and he has been able to enjoy life, despite a big treatment.

We mention this in the video, but I am firmly convinced that the prayers of many many people made this week what it was. A few days ago Chad and I were talking about how we can't wait for Heaven, to see the film of all of this in the spiritual realm. Like, what is actually happening when we pray and fast? What are we actually doing? What angels are released, what doors are opened and which ones are shut, how many things are set in motion simply because we pray and God responds? It's not a formula, but there is a…