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Hope Is Not A Lie

Cade successfully managed to handle a big chemo group without getting a fever, and we are thankful! We have had two weeks of a quick chemo, and this Monday we go in for another five day group. We are praying that God is already "priming the pump" of Cade's body to receive whatever it needs from this group. Here are some of our specific prayer requests:

1. Protection over his kidney and bladder: We are doing an additional test this week to try and determine the correct dosage for one of the chemos for his kidney. Please pray the dosing is perfect for his body. Please also pray that any bleeding in his bladder post chemo or during chemo is stopped, and that any bladder irritation is healed.
2. No nausea or vomiting during or after chemo: We are thinking some of the vomiting we experienced after this chemo group is caused by an abundance of stomach acid, so we are trying preventive measures like antacids. Please pray he does not get sick in the week following treatment as wel…

So Thankful

We go in for treatment tomorrow early, and I wanted to post some specific prayer requests. The past week Eden had spring break and Cade's treatment was delayed a week because of his long inpatient stay and high fevers, so we got gifted with normalcy. I AM SO THANKFUL. In a very real way, this season has made my ability to taste and experience gratitude to increase by the thousands. I feel like my cup is overflowing. I love how the Lord is faithful in every week, and I love how much pleasure He takes in filling our hearts.

Chad and I got to go on a day date this weekend to a much-cooler-than-we-are brunch place, and while waited for a table we wandered upstairs in the building to an open couch. We were talking about the weeks ahead and my heart started to feel all the same trepidation. I'm not less fearful, I just am getting faster at uprooting fear. But as I started down that rabbit hole, I looked up and realized we were sitting in front of a closed restaurant with the name  &…